The Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab launched in Daikundi Province

We are excited to announce that the Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab was launched in Nili, City, Daikundi today. With generous support from Akademos Society, the Computer Lab is the only of its kind in the remote province accessible to school and university students as well local researchers and civil society.

Establishment of a computer lab was a key objective of the Najiba Foundation both to remember Najiba’s legacy, who had studied Computer Sciences, and to promote science education in the poverty-ridden community.

Equipped with 12 laptop computers with internet connection, a LCD monitor for presentation and virtual events, the Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab will serve as a learning and exchange hub meeting a critical need of a growing number of students in the province. The Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab can accommodate around 20 students at a time. Besides, 30 persons can use the Foundation’s library located in the same location.

The Najiba Akademos Computer Lab will also connect the isolated Nili City to the outside world through hosting virtual and in person events. “The Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab will not only serve as an educational center for the local community but will also try to inspire and help a new generation of young girls and boys in the community to carry on Najiba’s legacy and pursue science education,” said Maryam Hussaini, co-founder and current president of the Najiba Foundation. “This will be a game-changer for hard-working students, especially girl students, in one of the least-developed provinces of Afghanistan,” Ms. Maryam Hussaini said.

The launch of the Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab was enthusiastically welcomed by the local community. Community members in Nili said that the Foundation has helped nourish their children’s talents and creativity through its artistic and educational initiatives during the past two years and the new Lab will help their children realize their bigger dreams.

The Najiba Foundation, registered with the Afghanistan Ministry of Justice, is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization that aims to promote education and access to learning resources in remote and underserved communities in Afghanistan. The foundation has established Najiba Library as its first educational initiative in Nili City, Daikundi province. The Foundation was established in memory of Najiba Bahar, whose life and dreams were curtailed by a suicide attack in Kabul on July 24, 2017. The Foundation envisions a vibrant and inclusive society free of violence, where educational opportunities are equally available to all, and where cultural initiatives contribute to promoting education, peace, tolerance, and civic values.