Three Days Academic Symposium on Mediation for Peace

The Najiba Foundation conducted a three-day Academic Symposium on Mediation for Peace and Conflict Resolution from November 12 to 14, 2019. Lecturing at this academic symposium was Mr. David, who teaches at Sigmund Freud University in Austria. Mr. David, presented his research findings on mediation to the event participants, which included the following topics:

  • Definition and theoretical parts of the subject;
  • Mediation for conflict resolution and crisis management;
  • Crisis Management
  • The usage and function of mediation for ensuring peace;
  • Function of mediation for emotions crisis
  • Mediation among different cultures
  • Mediation and art and its role for obtaining peace
  • The proper ways of remembering the past and the war victims
  • The importance of use of mediation in the context of Afghanistan for conflict resolution and ensuring peace.

This three-day academic symposium which was conducted in the Najiba Library. Mr. David has visited Daikundi Province four times since 2016 and has done extensive research on the Province. David has published more than 10 articles about different aspects of Daikundi Province in Vienna newspapers.

Some 20 people including university lecturers, civil society activists, university students and local officials took part in this program. At the final session of this Academic Symposium, David generously donated three copies of his own books to the Najiba Library and also promised his future support to the Library.