Why Do We Work in Daikundi Province

The Najiba Foundation aims to promote education mainly in the local community, where the people struggle in having access to educational resource and facilities. Daikundi is the most deprived and least developed province of Afghanistan, located in central part of the Country. Daikundi has seven districts, and its center is Nili City. The population Daikundi is estimated 723,980 and Nili City, where the library is located, is estimated to be approximately 100,000.

In Nilii, there is one governmental university and also one private university. The total number of students in both universities is roughly about 2500 students. There are many more private institutes and private courses. Likewise, the Province’s governmental departments and facilities are also located in Nili city. However, there was not an active public library and resource center to meet the needs of the students in Nili. The people and especially the university and the school students did not have access to library and computer and, thus this growing city with a burning desire for a quality modern education faces severe limitations in accessing educational opportunities. So, there was a dire need for establishing the Library, operate a computer lab and implement educational programs in Nili.