Rahila Foundation

The Rahila Foundation and the Najiba Foundations were established for the same cause and reason. Both foundations share their experiences and knowledge, better enhancing the effectiveness of each.


Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU)

The Foundation supports ACKU programs in Daikundi Province and ACKU conducts demand-based capacity building programs for the Foundation, especially programs for the library affairs.


Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO)

AHRDO technically supports the Foundation, and also provides its facilities in Kabul for the Foundation’s events and gatherings. Correspondingly, the Najiba Foundation supports AHRDO programs in Daikundi.



The Gahwara Group/Library donates its children’s’ books to the Najiba Library and the Foundation supports Gahwara programs in Daikundi. The Foundation disseminates Gahwara’s books/publications for schools and students in Daikundi

Bamyan Foundation

Bamyan Foundation

The Bamyan Foundation will sponsor several scholarships for needy students in Daikundi. The Najiba Foundation identifies the students for this program, administers the test and fulfills the other local activities in Daikundi.


Daikundi Directorate of Information and Culture

Daikundi Provincial Directorate of Information and Culture monitors the Foundation programs and activities on a weekly basis. The Directorate shares its findings, observation and recommendations with the leadership team in Kabul.