Educational Programs

The Najiba Foundation develops and implements educational programs to empower the local community, especially women. The Foundation’s education programs include, but not limited to, the following programs:

  • Capacity Building Trainings
  • The Foundation offers need-based and demand-driven capacity building training programs for school and university students. Currently, the formal education system in Afghanistan suffers from very low quality which does not to equip the students with the required skills for their academic and professional futures. In response to this gap, we would like to offer numerous capacity building programs.

  • Computer Lab
  • One of Najiba’s dreams was teaching computer and transferring her knowledge to younger generations, especially to girls in the country, just as she had accomplished her higher education including both bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees in the field of computer science. To realize her dreams, the Foundation aims to establish computer lab to teach computer programs to students in the local community and empower them with new technological skills.

  • Educational Advising
  • The students in Daikundi Province and local communities are mostly unaware of the opportunities for studying abroad since the educational opportunities are primarily centralized in the Capital. The Foundation aspires to help those school and university students who seek scholarships for pursuing their higher education abroad or in Kabul. In addition, the Foundation aims to assist students who are newly entering the job market in their career development.

  • Academic Seminars
  • The Foundation intends to conduct various academic seminars and cultural events in the local community, inviting cultural and academic figures to discuss their research papers and share their knowledge and subject expertise at the event. For example, the Foundation conducted a five-day academic symposium on mediation for peace and conflict resolution, with a lecture by an Austrian Professor. In the future, the Foundation will continue to extend invitations to noted academic guests to lecture to the students.

  • Innovation in Education
  • The Foundation supports innovations of kids and students in the education field, and to this end the Foundation has established an innovation club/network consisting of kids and students. The Foundation is working with them and encouraging an innovative approach toward education. For instance, a few of these students submitted their basic inventions/ handicrafts to the library.

  • Cultural Initiatives
  • Moreover, the Foundation has many cultural initiatives on its agenda to implement in the local community. These initiatives include conducting cultural festivals, film and documentary displays, academic tours for school and university students, and athletic tournaments for youths in local community.