The Foundation Achievments

  • The Najiba Library with more than 10,000 books
  • Social Media Interactions: 9,900 Facebook, Twitter 430
  • Dedicated Volunteers: 35
  • 2,800 people had visited the Library and used from our resources in within 8 months, before the spread of Corona Virus in the local community;
  • Conducted Numerous Educational Programs
    • Reading Series Sessions
    • Story Writing Course
    • Photography Training Course
    • Academic Symposium on Mediation for Peace
    • Donation books to needy Students
    • Capacity Building Seminars
    • Story Writing course
    • Volleyball Team: 14 volleyball exercises, two trainings and two competitions
    • One Educational Festival/Competition on the following components:
      • Calligraphy
      • Painting
      • Photography
      • Handicrafts
  • Establishment of Foundation’s website: www.
  • Schools academic tours to the Library
  • 500 textbooks donated by the Foundation to school students.
  • Partnership with relevant organizations

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