Who We Are?

The Najiba Foundation, registered with the Afghanistan Ministry of Justice, is an independent, non-political and non-profit organization that aims to promote education mainly in local areas. The foundation has established Najiba Library as its first educational initiative in Nili City, the capital of Daikundi province, Afghanistan. The Foundation is a memorial for Najiba Bahar, whose life and dreams were curtailed by a suicide attack in Kabul on 24 July 2017.


The Najiba Foundation envisions a vibrant and inclusive society free of violence, where educational opportunities are equally available to all, and where cultural initiatives contribute to promoting education, peace, tolerance, and civic values.


The mission of the Najiba Foundation is to empower local communities through expanding access to educational opportunities and resources as well as promoting cultural initiatives to promote peaceful coexistence and tolerance. The Foundation operates its library to encourage education, and promote civic values to replace misunderstanding, hatred and violence. The Foundation spearheads programs that encourage gradual cultural transformation.

Our Goal

- To spread knowledge and open-mindedness in the face of strong culture of misunderstanding and non-tolerance.

- To promote education as the most reliable way for self-development and way out of poverty for rural and socially marginalized children.

- To memorialize Najiba’s struggles and legacy as a reminder to the huge sacrifices the Afghan people have made and to carefully study the past to share a better future.

- To empower local communities, especially young girls, through educational initiatives and cultural engagement.

To promote a culture of reading and debating different perspectives among school and university students as an antithetical to the formation and spread of rigid and extremist views.