Stories of Change

Daikundi province lacks a public library or any other thus, students do not have access to a calm reading space or different reading choices. In striving to serve the memory of Najiba, the Foundation has provided an educational space and thousands of reading options for many students in Nili.

Zeinab Akbaryan, a student of Legan Health Institute, and a lover of novels is a regular visitor of the library. She says, "We didn't have a library that provided reading spaces for students in Nili; thus, an establishment like Najiba library is essential."

She comes to Najiba library to read novels, readings that are barely available in bookstores in Daikundi. Zeinab has participated in photography and story-writing workshops that were conducted in the library. "The readings I have done in the library and the workshops I have participated, all have a positive impact on my life," she says.

Students in Daikundi have minimal access to textbooks and resources. Najiba library in Nili has filled a fundamental need by providing books and materials on different topics. Jawad Mohseni , a university student says, "Before, I didn't have the necessary materials for my research, but now the Najiba library, to an extent, resolved the problem for me."

Photography is one of Jawad’s hobbies, "taking pictures is a way to record our memories," he says. "Najiba Foundation's photography workshop taught me how to take good pictures and, as a result, helps me to record my memory better."