Destruction of Najiba Library In Daikundi Province, Afghanistan August 2021

With profound sadness and heavy heart, we confirm the closure of the Najiba Foundation in Nili City of Daykundi province following the fall of the city to the Taliban, on August 14. All activities of Najiba Foundation Library and Najiba-Akademos Computer-Lab have been suspended until a safe environment is ensured for both, our colleagues and the community members who use our service, without any discrimination. Najiba Foundation was attacked in the days following the Taliban took over of the city. We cannot confirm the identity of the attackers or their motive for the attack, but they have damaged Najiba Foundation’s library and computer lab. We are very concerned about the security and safety of our staff and others closely affiliated with the foundation. Najiba Foundation was the only non-profit organization offering educational and skills development services for students in Nili City. Our focus was particularly on girl’s education and the foundation was supporting girls participation in sport. The foundation supported creation of the first girls volleyball team in Daikundi province. Now, hundreds of students, both girls and boys, do not have access to our services in the library and the computer lab. We hope to resume our work safely and serve our community. We demand from international community to pay attention to the situation of local, non-profit organizations, like Najiba Foundation that focused on providing educational services to the most deprived, particularly girls. We need a safe environment to continue our work. To know more about The Najiba Foundation, please follow our Twitter page: @Najiba_FDN