The Najiba Story

Najiba Bahar was born in 1989, Zardnai village of Shahristan district in central Daikundi Province. She graduated from high school in 2007 as the first position holder. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences through an Indian government funded scholarship. Najib was among the first batch of girls who took this path and was determined to open spaces for girls coming after them and to contribute to growth and development of Afghanistan.

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The Najiba Libaray

The Najiba Library is one of the main programs of the Foundation, which was inaugurated in Nili, the Center of remote Daikundi Province on July 8, 2019. Currently, the Library has more than 8,000 books and more than 4,000 magazines, manuals, laws and research reports. The Library has different programs which include,
but not limited to providing resources for research and study ..

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Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab

The Foundation runs Najiba Akademos Computer Lab in Nili City, which was inaugurated in April 10 2021. The objective behind establishing the lab is to help local students improve their computer skills and digital literacy and also to play a role in helping break the geographic isolation as it continues to remain an insurmountable barrier for the student’s education in Daikundi.

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Najiba Women Volleyball Team

Najiba Foundation support the Najiba Library Women Library Team since it’s establish on September 2019. The main aim for establishing the team is to fight against gender-based taboos, discrimination against women by ensuring women’s participation in public spaces in the local community. The Team is consisting of 12 volunteers playing for peace, social coexistence and tolerance.

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Educational Programs

The Najiba Foundation develops and implements educational programs to empower the local community, especially women. The Foundation’s education ...

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The Najiba Foundation aims to provide scholarships for needy students – especially for girls – so they can pursue their passion for knowledge and education...

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The foundation sees itself responsible and stands accountable to each and every one of you. We will ensure that every amount, every book and penny donated to the foundation is used effectively and purposefully. We at the foundation humbly ask for your continued support, as it is the key to our future success. Please support us, together, we can!

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Latest Events

Destruction of Najiba Library In Daikundi Province, Afghanistan

With profound sadness and heavy heart, we confirm the closure of the Najiba Foundation in Nili City of Daykundi province following the fall of the city to the Taliban, on August 14.

Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab launched in Daikundi Province

We are excited to announce that the Najiba-Akademos Computer Lab was launched in Nili, City, Daikundi today. With generous support from Akademos Society

Najiba Library Girls Volleyball Team Established

The Najiba Foundation is very happy to announce that the Library Girls Volleyball Team was officially established on November 4, 2019. The Team is composed of 12 girls coached by a volunteer.

Najiba Foundation First Annual Festival in Daikundi (2019)

The Najiba Foundation is thrilled to announce the first successful Education and Cultural Festival in Daikundi Province. At the Festival, some 75 students (male and female) from all school levels...

A Five-Day Photography Training Was Successfully Conducted

The Najiba Foundation successfully conducted a free five-day photography training for students. The training took place at the Najiba Library, in Nili City, the Center of Daikundi Province...

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Media Coverage

Living to Modernize Afghanistan, and Meeting a Grim End

KABUL, Afghanistan — From a dusty village in central Afghanistan, where life depends on the almond harvest, Najiba Hussaini made it far.

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Turning terror into hope: an Afghan classroom bomb victim's legacy of learning

In central Daykundi province, a library in honour of government worker Najiba Bahar was set up after she was killed by .

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Taliban killed his fiancée, he founded a library

To pay a tribute to kind and hardworking spirit of Ms. Bahar, her family members found Najiba Bahar Foundation in Nili, the capital of Daikundi province.

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They Built Libraries to Honor Loved Ones, Women Felled by Bombings

Today, those libraries one in Kabul, the capital, and the other in Daikundi Province stand as symbols of the

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